Project ZR (WiP title)

Company: Innogames

Position: UI / UX Designer

Duration: May 2017 - Dec 2017 (canceled)

After wrapping things up with Elvenar Mobile, I had the opportunity to work on a card collection and realtime PVP mobile game in early production.

As the only UI/UX designer on the team I had full ownership over every aspect of the UI starting from the initial wireframes to implementing the screens and animations in Unity.

The battle was my main focus as we tried to find a good compromise between displaying information and focus on gameplay.

As a strategy game requires control and access to plenty of information it was a challenge to find a good balance of showing and hiding information in the right context.

The limited amount of input we can offer the player without taking him away from the frantic gameplay led to many different ideas and approaches how the player can interact with the game.

There were plenty of opportunities to hide information in bars, context-sensitive tooltips or just by subtly hinting it for a brief moment.


With every iteration we had internal and external user tests to improve the game and verify our ideas.

Main Menu

Guardian Deck

Unit Info Screen

Guardian Info Screen

Plenty of animations were created in the process to either convey information or breath life into interactions.