First person shooter ui

Company: UI Art Test

Duration: 7 days in March 2018

I was tasked to deliver a UI interpretation for a main menu and hud for a fictive AAA-style PC title.


Both deliveries are based on a simple art direction (namely horror, dark, gritty) and basic wireframes for both screens.

The wireframes contained all elements that a conventional shooter have.


Obvious inspirations are Dishonored 2, PUBG, Dead by Daylight and HUNT: Showdown.

"Clean" version of the main menu

"Grittier" version of the main menu

HUD with all elements visible on a dark background

Contextual HUD elements are hidden

HUD on bright, noisey background

With some time left I looked into how some of the elements could be animated.

My goal was to have the elements long enough on screen to grab the players attention and leave some time to focus without overly dragging out the animation.


  • Characters: HUNT: Showdown, Crytek
  • Mission Images: Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive
  • "Dark Background HUD": HUNT: Showdown, Crytek
  • "Light Background HUD": HUNT: Showdown, Crytek
  • Minimap in HUD: Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games