Dreamworks Trolls Pop

Company: TreasureHunt Studios / Dreamworks

Position: Lead UI / UX Designer

Duration: 2018 - 2020

After working on several fantasy, mid-core titles it was a refreshing opportunity to work on an IP like Trolls. It gave me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and dive deeper into motion design.


We started working on Trolls Pop in 2018 in a collaboration with Dreamworks Entertainment.

The game is a casual mobile bubble shooter with social aspects and events.


More information and work examples of this project can be requested.

 Being the only designer on the project, I had the opportunity to come up with the art style from scratch. Being out of stylistic comfort zone made for some interesting new experiences.


Over more than a year on the project I was involved in creating all icons, flows, animations, UI particle effects, transitions and the visual logic.


I was also responsible for implementing the UI directly in Unity so the developers only need to implement and hook up the content.


In close collaboration with the Technical Artist we came up with plenty of tools and pipelines to help us with efficiency and optimization.


Thanks to talented 2D Artists the massive amount of assets was easily handled and mastered.

Meta Main Screen




Troll Selection

Bubbleshooter HUD

Motion Design

Plenty of animations and particle fx were created for the game to either convey information or breath life into interactions.

All sparkled up special offer with custom made UI Particle FX and Animations

Trolls Pop logo proposal (left) and final (right)