Hi, I'm Sergej and I'm a UX enthusiast from Berlin.

I'm a professional designer with over 10 years of industry experience in design & games.


My field of expertise is in creating user experiences and interfaces for mobile games, starting with conceptualizing ideas to delivering the final product.


Here are some of the companies I had the pleasure of working for or with in the past.

Latest Projects

Dreamworks Trolls POP

Mobile UI/UX, 2019

TreasureHunt, Mobile Game

Dreamworks Trolls licensed mobile game where I was the Lead UI/UX Designer.

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GOAL! Shootout

Mobile UI / UX, 2018

TreasureHunt, Mobile Social Sports App

Screenflows, Wireframes, Content Structure, Artstyle, Icons, Animations

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PC, 2018

Application Test, PC/Console FPS

A prototype FPS UI created for an application test for a AAA Studio.

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Project ZR

Mobile UI / UX, 2017

Innogames, Mobile PVP Strategy

Screenflows, Wireframes, Content Structure, Artstyle Research were done for this canceled Innogames Project

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Elvenar Mobile

Mobile UI / UX, 2016 - 2017

Innogames, Mobile Port of Browser Hit 'Elvenar'

As the only artist on the mobile team I was responsible for defining the art style, recreating all screens and assets and improving upon the UX to make it more mobile friendly.

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UI / UX, 2015

Flaregames, Internal Dashboard Tool

Content Structure, Icons and Web Redesign were done for this internal Flaregames Dashboard tool

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Hero's Haul

Lead Mobile UI / UX, 2015

Flaregames, Mobile RPG Crawler

Screenflows, Wireframes, Content Structure, Artstyle Research were done for this canceled Flaregames Project.

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Shadow Kings

UI Artist, 2014

Goodgame Studios, Fantasy Strategy Mobile

Part of the UI team, I worked with UX and GD to realize screens & layouts fit for mobile and browser. Also I worked on icons and other visual assets.

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