Hero's Haul

Company: Flare Games

Position: Lead Mobile UI / UX Designer

Duration: Feb 2015 - Aug 2015

When I joined Flare Games in 2015, I was put directly on the studios main project 'Hero's Haul', a project in full production with placeholder UI and basic wireframes in place.

The game aimed to be a turn-based mobile roguelike with social features and scalable content.


My goal was to catch up with the current status of the game, come up with quick prototypes to get features in a testable state and help verify the game is fun.

Features like hero inventory, main hub and abilities were constantly changing due to gamedesign shifts so iterations had to be quickly and efficient.

Ability Flow

Example Shop Screen


With plenty of frontend developers and artists we had to get the team on the same page when it came down to coordinate tasks for quick iterations.

I created this screenflow to help me and the team understand the game structure and connections between features.


Future features were broken down into separate screens to get a better grasp of the amount of work to come and improve estimation accuracy.

game over concepts


Plenty of breakdowns and visual explanations were created by to help devs implement prefab logic I figured out with game design.

Logo concept